Background Checks on People – Physical Verification

iCrederity lets you focus on engaging in relationships that matter, not on struggling to establish them.

Background Verification ServicesiCrederity works. Ill-intentioned individuals and criminals hide their backgrounds or use stolen identities to pose as legitimate people, resulting in billions of dollars in damages to individuals and businesses every year along with untold frustration. Even innocent mistakes and simple omissions of information have costly effects. As a result, it's harder than ever for individuals and businesses to confidentially establish the right new relationships, and with the Internet facilitating cyber criminals, this problem is growing. Given the looming question of authenticity online, it's also become harder than ever to stand apart and distinguish oneself as a trustworthy party.

In everyday life and in the workplace, iCrederity connects you with the people you want to connect with and avoid the ones who would otherwise have wasted your time or even caused you harm. Trust is essential to any good relationship, and iCrederity gives you the tools you need to assess others' trustworthiness as well as to prove your own. iCrederity's proprietary credentialing platform and data network verifies background, identity and credentials, often in real-time, resulting in an indisputably authentic view of a given individual. The result? People and businesses of integrity get ahead, and fraudsters are thwarted.


Employment VerificationiCrederity's basic services will always be free. Thanks to the advanced iCrederity credentialing platform, we can bring a lot of value to you at relatively little cost to ourselves—and we're passing on those savings directly to you. That means you can start realizing the benefits of iCrederity for the sweet price of Rs.0. Why not try it out?

We're able to operate because of the high and growing demand from individuals and businesses for our more advanced individual, vendor and employee verification services. Since we can't offer all these services for free (yet), we price them to be as cost-effective as possible, in fair consideration of the effort and technology that must be used to ensure high-quality, fast, and useful verifications. The cost savings that iCrederity brings to our users' relationship-building efforts easily dwarfs what we have to charge for the advanced verifications. As a result, our paid services actually pay you back when you consider the benefit they enable. We're getting more and more happy paying users as a result.

Security and Privacy

Criminal ChecksiCrederity fundamentally improves data security and personal privacy, and helps to eliminate identity theft. When we first started iCrederity, we were appalled by the way personal data was being handled on the Internet currently and decided to change the status quo to benefit individuals and businesses alike.

Conventionally, when a business (e.g. an employer, a lender, a landlord, etc.) is investigating a given individual, it will request the individual's personal verification data and then pass it on to a verifying authority. The verifying authority will then verify the data, and return its findings back to the business. This process is repeated over and over again with each new business that investigates the individual. As the data moves from party to party, many of whom do not have adequate security and privacy technology and protocols in place, the individual is increasingly exposed to identity fraud risk. Disturbingly, after the initiation of the process, the individual is kept in the dark about his own information.

We give control back to individuals, while retaining authenticity and integrity of the data. In contrast to the conventional system, with iCrederity as a third party verifier, information is verified just once, avoiding needless exposure risk. The need to pass sensitive information to others is entirely eliminated. iCrederity is also working hard to change industry norms by adopting leading security technology and best practices, by reducing the amount of personal info that must be disclosed in the first place, and by allowing individuals of integrity to benefit from their verifications as a means to set themselves apart and build trust.

To create a sustainable solution, we wanted businesses to equally benefit, and they do so by being able to decrease their liability thanks to not handling personal data, and when authorized by the individuals in question, by being able to use verifications of their own employees and their Personnel verification as a marketing and trust-building tool.


Reference CheckiCrederity makes establishing trust online as simple as clicking a mouse. iCrederity isn't really a destination in and of itself, but rather is meant to integrate into the places you currently interact—everyday life, email, social networks, job boards, dating sites, and other web sites. Therefore, we've made iCrederity as painless and straightforward to use as we could.

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