Where to use iCrederity Seal?

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Resumes Lie! As an individual looking to get hired, you can differentiate yourself by getting iCrederity certified. An iCrederity Certification makes it clear that your resume is genuine and has integrity to standout from the crowd of jobseekers.

Flaunt your Credibility on your Blog
Fake Blogger Exists! Here is one. There are millions of blogs. Believe it or not, building credibility through your blog isn't just about the posts you create. It is not only about what you write but also about who you are and what you have done?. We can help you to showcase your verified credentials on your blog. Get your iCrederity Seal today
Social Networks

Protect Yourself
iCrederity is a symbol of trust, Our service allow anyone to easily, safely and securely share, request and verify personal and business information. We can help you in verifying your profile and stamping your credibility through an iCrederity Seal in facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or any leading networking. Get your iCrederity Seal today
Freelancing Sites
Freelancer, Get More Projects
Displaying credentials (education, awards, certificates etc.) on your profile page is a great way to demonstrate your experience and expertise in a freelancing site. When providers get their credentials verified by an independent third party, it adds credibility to their profile. iCrederity can help you in verifying your projects, your references, your qualifications and certifications and help you in winning more projects in freelance networking sites like elance, guru.com, odesk.com, consultgenie, 8Kmiles and so on. Get your iCrederity Seal today