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What is iCrederity Verified?

The iCrederity Verified Seal is a symbol of trust and authenticity that helps make your first impression your best impression. Being iCrederity Verified means that people you meet can be more assured that you are who you say you are and lends additional credibility to the good reputation you’ve built up over the years.

The iCrederity Verified Seal may be attached to your resume, email signature, online profiles, blogs, and web sites and directs people you authorize to an official iCrederity Card authenticating your information, termed Trust Facts™. See examples. Your Trust Facts™ include factual information that distinguish you such as your identity, experience, education, references, certifications, online feedback, social networks, etc.

Impress new acquaintances simply by being you with iCrederity Verified. That new job, special someone or whatever it is you seek through your interactions is now more reachable than ever before. Sign up free today.


Why should I get iCrederity Verified?

iCrederity Verified lends you instant credibility in a world where people have grown skeptical of the people they meet online. Because anyone can claim to be who they want to be online, misrepresentation and falsification of identity and credentials is a large and growing problem. This problem negatively affects the majority of the web’s users—businesses, employment seekers, social networkers, date seekers—and most likely you.

With iCrederity Verified, you can differentiate with trust through identity, credential and background check verification. Our services add credibility to the whole process. With your iCrederity Card you can:

  • Improve your prospects: Stand out from the crowd and get what you seek faster
  • Increase your contacts: Show you’re real and approachable and people will be more willing to connect with you
  • Control your information: Share only what you're comfortable with, securely and selectively.

Who needs iCrederity?

Job Seekers
In a recent survey, 97% of HR screening managers said they would prefer to interview someone whose credentials have been verified. iCrederity can help you get that job you've been looking for more easily.

  • Land your dream job faster by providing your pre-employment screening upfront.
  • Stand apart and show employers you're confident and serious
  • Advance your career through credibility and trust Share your verified resume with employers today and get hired faster with iCrederity Verified.

Friend Seekers—For dating, matrimonial or just friends
When it comes to online dating, social networking and matrimonial, how do you know who to trust when anyone can claim to be anyone?

  • Avoid risky interactions. Ensure that the person you're talking to is for real. Insist that they get iCrederity Verified.
  • Make yourself approachable. When you’re iCrederity Verified, you increase the odds that others connect with you.
  • Save time and emotional expense. Don’t spend energy and effort interacting with people who later turn out to be pretending to be someone else.
Protect yourself and increase the odds that people contact you with iCrederity Verified.

Freelancers and Professionals
It's a proven fact. The more comfortable potential clients are with you, the more likely they will become clients. When you’re iCrederity Verified, potential clients you authorize can see your authenticated testimonials, and your good work will speak for itself. This takes the guess work out of choosing a professional, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Differentiate yourself with transparency and trust
  • Use past clients as verified references to attract new clients
  • Drive new sales
Increase client satisfaction, drive business growth, and ensure that your hard work pays off with iCrederity Verified.

Sellers—Classifieds, Commerce, Online auctions
iCrederity Verified makes e-commerce safer and easier for buyers and sellers. Sellers—share select information to put buyers at ease in knowing they’re interacting with a trustworthy and reputable party. Buyers—request the merchants you interact with to get iCrederity Verified and avoid dishonest sellers.

Bloggers and forum participants
iCrederity Verified is perfect for bloggers and forum moderators and participants who derive their credibility from their credentials or identity. Use your iCrederity Verified Seal to better connect with your readers.


How does iCrederity verify identity?

Our identity verification process uses advanced technology including the kind banks and credit card companies use to protect you from fraud. iCrederity first ensures that the identity being provided by an individual exists and does not belong to a deceased or otherwise inappropriate person. iCrederity then verifies that the identity belongs to the person providing it. This technology builds a web-administered quiz from information contained in billions of public records that only individuals can answer themselves. Responses to questions are analyzed and iCrederity is able to determine to a high degree of certainty whether or not the individual is who he or she claims to be.


How does iCrederity verify credentials?

As an accredited and leading provider of background checking services, iCrederity has developed a sophisticated system of database connections and processes to derive both qualitative and quantitative verification conclusions based on the information with which we are provided. For example, in many instances we have direct data links to universities and employers to enable real time education background check and experience verification. For reference verifications, we obtain information from references directly and may authenticate references themselves. Through these and other means, iCrederity is able to authenticate credential information. iCrederity respects individual privacy, complies with FCRA regulations and industry best practices such as those established by NAPBS and ASIS, and is authorized as a Designated Agent of the US Department of Homeland Security to assess employment eligibility.


What sort of credentials and information can iCrederity verify?

iCrederity can currently verify a wide range of information including: references, employment/work experience, education, licenses and certifications, visa status, legal employment eligibility status, addresses, national security risk status (i.e. OFAC, Patriot Act check), criminal status (county, state, national), retail incidents, bankruptcies, liens, civil judgments, online reputation and feedback, and social network status.


How secure is the information, and how is privacy treated at iCrederity?

The safety and security of information is our top concern at iCrederity, and we take a number of measures to safeguard the information we process and present. Please review our security profile for more information. iCrederity believes that individual privacy is extremely important and has created a privacy policy and taken other measures to ensure that privacy concerns are addressed.


How much does iCrederity Verified cost?

iCrederity Verified is absolutely free to sign up for. Because iCrederity must expend resources to effectively and thoroughly verify information submitted for verification, we must charge a nominal fee to verify information.


What is the turnaround time for the verification process?

The process can take as little as 3 business days for simple verifications on a short number of items, or up to 21 days for complicated records.


What if I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have a new question, or if you wish to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email or call us toll-free at +1 866.363.TRUST. We’d love to hear from you and will get back to you as soon as we are able to!