About iCrederity

iCrederity's mission is to become the standard associated with trustworthiness on the internet by implementing an easy-to-use credential verification program and making it universally accessible.

Our Story

Employer Background ChecksiCrederity assist businesses by providing services that applies sophisticated technologies and programs to help people and businesses to establish trust on the Internet. As the web’s first guaranteed trust builder, iCrederity enables people and businesses to certify their own integrity and that of others.

iCrederity has developed proprietary fact verification technologies enabling people to verify identity and credentials including background, education, and employment history. iCrederity’s comprehensive suite of verification tools is used to confirm pertinent Trust Facts™, and award each verified user an iCrederity Card and the iCrederity Trust Seal. This emblem of trustworthiness can be associated with the user's resumes, online profiles, blogs, and other online presences, empowering them as a person of integrity.

In addition to helping persons of integrity, iCrederity is committed to the development of businesses of integrity. Recruiters and corporations can streamline their background screening processes, make them transparent to clients and third parties as a differentiator, and shorten the hiring cycle by requesting candidates to obtain iCrederity Cards, resulting in significant savings. Web service operators can increase the stickiness of their web sites, lower barriers to transactions and interactions, and build a trusted community via iCrederity Web Services, which allow sites to integrate the same trust tools that power iCrederity.


Education Background Check The precursor to today's iCrederity was a spinout from a graduate-undergraduate student collaboration within the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. After the founders won honors from Wharton in 2005 for their concept and technology, iCrederity established in New York City and Philadelphia, and spent over a year assessing the needs of potential user's, the founding team set out to establish viability of their concept in Bangalore, India in the year of 2007. Why India? Given the lack of a functioning ID system in India, and increasingly serious reports of fraud, the founders realized that the country would be a perfect testing ground and stress test for identity and credential authentication.

The rush of positive support confirmed that the team was on to a great idea and that real needs were being met with iCrederity's screening services and technology. Within months of becoming operational, iCrederity had helped thousands of individuals prove and assert their identity, credentials and integrity. Dozen companies ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies had taken notice and joined on as business user's.

Not only had the team demonstrated that their technology and processes worked, but gauging from the enthusiasm, they had also shown that individuals and businesses were eager for solutions to pressing identity and credential issues in the online era.