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Employee Background Screening

“Never judge a book by its cover.” That’s a common saying that’s been around for eons. And when it comes to recruitment, this phrase holds a special meaning. Hiring can be a very stressful and tedious process for employers, because each company holds itself to a certain set of standards and expects the same from its employees as well. But the question here is that in today’s time, when the highly competitive business market is bustling with ambitious job seekers and equally alluring job offers from competitors, how can a company save itself from a prospective bad hire and safeguard its interest?

The only answer to this question is exercising reasonable caution or due diligence by performing a background verification of prospective hires preferably through a third party. It is an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and secure work environment to its employees. Weeding out potential threats during the hiring process will go a long way in preventing the establishment’s reputation from hitting the ground and safeguarding the financial standing and interest of other employees.

And not just this, there are numerous other advantages of conducting extensive background verification:

  • Reduces the risk of a range of hiring disasters - saving cost, time and effort.
  • Shrinks Employee Turnover by helping acquire dependable employees.
  • Brings this aura to the company that discourages any unethical activities both from outside (fake resumes) and within the organization (internal fraud).
  • Allows the HR to focus on core work and see no discrimination claims or mishandling of regulatory compliance policies
  • Rules out the trauma of “negligent–hiring lawsuit” (when you unknowingly hire a candidate with drug/violence history).
  • Assures workplace safety and peace by running intensive checks to identify any negative records- drug usage, theft, criminal history, and past workplace behavior.
  • Enhances the brand value that speaks for the overall work environment and company policies.

Both Pre/Post Employment Verifications are vital to avoid ending up with a bunch of misfit employees eventually ruining the business. However, Pre-Employment Verification is an inevitable plus of a smart business as it does justice to, “prevention is better than cure”. When you hire a reliable candidate with an honest resume its most likely you have attained a valuable asset for your company. It not only maintains integrity, but also shows how ethical and well-organized your business is, and who wouldn’t want to work with a business of such reputation?

If a company chooses not to conduct background verification, it means that it is taking on the risk of its employee’s behaviour. Sadly, there are innumerable instances where the companies have been charged with felony, fines, and lawsuits because they overlooked an employee’s predisposition to violence, and failed to take necessary precautions when hiring.

What is the turnaround time for the Background Check process?

The process can take as little as 3 business days for simple Background checks on a short number of items, or up to 21 days for complicated records.

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