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Employee Criminal Background Check

Not conducting a criminal background check of potential employees can be one of the biggest mistakes an establishment can make. This one negligence can expose your company to multiple illegal activities and may also land you into a lawsuit. The only way to ensure that your business has no employee on records with a criminal background and your business is safe and solvent is through conducting a professional criminal background screening, a process to reveal any past convictions or criminal activities by the applicant. Establishments must conduct a criminal check to ensure other employees are safe and feel safe at their work environment. It is an important step to exclude people with criminal records who would be a crime risk.

At iCrederity we are committed to providing all kinds of criminal background verification, as per your business needs. We understand the importance of criminal checks and ensure the most accurate, robust and thorough criminal background checks. We do not limit our search to a particular state or region, and use multiple parameters along with more than one type of criminal history check.

We also encourage our clients to primarily, apart from parameters, check into three different types of criminal records:

  • Misdemeanour: An offense for which a sentence of imprisonment between 15 days and one year may be imposed.
  • Felony: An offense for which a sentence of imprisonment in excess of one year may be imposed.
  • Violation: A non-criminal offense for which a sentence of imprisonment in excess of 15 days cannot be imposed.

iCrederity also follows the criminal background checks system wherein we check through court record, conduct multiple database and internet/media checks. A search of government records is conducted at the appropriate level. Jurisdictions searched are determined by the applicant's address, nationality, government intelligence, or as designated by the client. In case of candidate’s relocation to a different region or state, we also conduct police records verification in that region.

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