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Enhanced Due Diligence

iCrederity provides clients with the information they need to assess the background, reputation, and integrity of any business before entering into a substantial financial or operational relationship.

Due Diligence on companies or entities is more than just mere compilation of facts and data. It is the careful gathering, collation, analysis, and presentation of information that is accurate, timely, and of use to our clients. Information, in and of itself, is useless if it is not relevant and presented to address the questions or concerns of our clients. The scope for these services includes:

  • Existence verification
  • Legal and statutory compliance
  • Comprehensive background check of the promoters.
  • Check all the litigation history of the company and of associated individuals.
  • A 360˚check for any social compliance and regulatory issues encompassing FCPA violations
  • Check to find out any environmental regulatory issues.
  • Check to find any off Balance Sheet Transaction ranging from material representation to like siphoning of funds, money laundering etc.
  • Check to evaluate the business’s reputation in the market
  • Check for any pertinent labor issues.
  • Check for any political affiliations and its influence on business.

iCrederity has conducted industry specific Due Diligence against diverse backdrops. Our services are widely used by HR Professionals, VCs & PEs, Law Firms, Small, Medium and Start-up firms, Large Multinationals, Private and Public Enterprises & NGOs etc.

iCrederity’s primary objective in such Due Diligence exercises is ensuring that -

  • Documents relied on & claims made are authentic;
  • It is designed to meet specific requirements of the industry, business transactions in question;
  • Right experts in the covered issues are involved in the exercise;
  • Information and documents are always cross-checked, compared and confirmed;
  • Inferences made and conclusions drawn are accurate, justifiable and reliable;
  • The report addresses every possible aspect of the terms of inquiry and issues involved;
  • The report, apart from identifying problems and possible risks, also comes up with possible remedial measure(s)/solution(s).

iCrederity has the competency and experience to effectively undertake complete due diligence exercises and offer viable solution of business, legal and financial issues in a comprehensive and integrated manner, help clients in assessing business proposals, identify potential legal problems and enable its clients in taking well-researched corporate decisions. Due Diligence at iCrederity is with inputs/technical feedback from in-house experts on different fields, thereby ensuring that every aspect is thoroughly examined and appreciated.

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