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Educational Verification

A bad hire can cost any company dearly. Not just the money and time spent on hiring the person goes waste, the company can also lose a client, spend time and energy rehiring a suitable match or spend a considerable amount again on training. Possibilities of things not falling into place with one bad hire are immense. One of the major reasons of bad hiring are faked educational qualifications.

Lured by better prospects, thousands of candidates every year fabricate their education history in a wide variety of ways. Many ‘self taught’ applicants often fool an interviewer or pass a simple aptitude test to get a job much beyond their reach with their actual qualifications. This is not all. There are numerous Diploma Mills that dole out degrees simply for cash or may provide education without accreditation or affiliation. They even offer transcripts and will verify the fraudulent degrees.

The validity and accuracy of the applicant’s educational claims can only be checked through proper educational verification. Education check includes the degree received, dates of attendance, graduation date, and any special recognition or awards.

iCrederity we understand the intricacies of working with educational institutions, colleges and universities in countries like India. We have tie-ups with all major Indian educational institutional and also a list of unrecognised and fake educational institutions. Apart from the degrees are manually verified by our personnel with the institutions by contacting the registrar or the institution’s Admissions and Records Office.

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