Results: iCrederity's proprietary credentialing platform and data network verifies background, identity and credentials, often in real-time, resulting in an indisputably authentic view of a given individual. The result? People and businesses of integrity get ahead, and fraudsters are thwarted.
Security and Privacy: We give control back to individuals, while retaining authenticity and integrity of the data. In contrast to the conventional system, with iCrederity as a third party verifier, information is verified just once, avoiding needless exposure risk. The need to pass sensitive information to others is entirely eliminated.
Ease: iCrederity makes establishing trust online as simple as clicking a mouse. iCrederity isn't really a destination in and of itself, but rather is meant to integrate into the places you currently interact—everyday life, email, social networks, job boards, dating sites, and other web sites. Therefore, we've made iCrederity as painless and straightforward to use as we could.