iCrederity launches Employee Lifecycle Management Suite for recruitment and staffing Industry

Online identity and credential verification firm iCrederity has launched a new set of services as a part of Employee Lifecycle Management Suite to help recruitment and staffing companies to screen and assess potential candidates. These services aim to remove the bottle necks in the hiring process by reducing the hiring time for a potential employee. iCrederity has also started a pilot project with leading staffing solutions companies including Team lease and Vault Info to offer pre-verified candidates to their clients

Pre employment screening has emerged as one of the most important steps in the hiring process for major staffing companies that are dealing with thousands of candidates every day. With resume frauds on the rise and clients applying pressure to mitigate hiring risks, finding the right candidate has become difficult for most staffing companies. It's not surprising that many organizations are tempted to immediately pursue applicants who appear to meet or surpass all requirements on their resumes. The comprehensive employment screening solutions through Employee Lifecycle Management Suite from iCrederity tries to address the needs at different stages of hiring cycle.

52% of job seekers who took part in SHRM survey claimed to have made some sort of false claim on their resumes and it is estimated that the replacement cost for a bad hire is 1.5 to 3.5 times the salary of the job that he is being hired for. 86% of recruiters who took part in the same survey preferred to hire candidates with verified resumes.

“In times of economic slowdown, when hiring freezes, our methodology works best since those with pre-verified credentials are preferred over others. Employee Lifecycle Management Suite for staffing firms addresses the need for credential check of the potential employee before hiring,” said iCrederity founder and CEO Rakish Antala. “It is a Win-Win-Win solution for all involved – Candidate, Staffing Company and its Client.”

iCrederity is a US and India based company that offers plug-and-play identity and credential authentication tools designed to integrate into current online and offline environments. The company’s sophisticated fact verification technologies easily reveal whether or not people and businesses are who they claim to be enabling transactions and interactions to proceed more effectively. The iCrederity Card is an online listing of card holders Trust Facts, a set of facts about an individual verified by iCrederity, a trusted third-party verifier. iCrederity Card or Seal can be shared or linked on the resume and placed online.

For more information, visit http://www.icrederity.com/us/business/staffingsolutions.html or call +91.80.40787100-109/ +91.9632727507