iCrederity Announces iCrederity India Pvt Ltd and Planned UK and Australia Operations

BANGALORE, India, August 2, 2007 -- Again defying convention, iCrederity is opening new back and front office operations in Bangalore, nicknamed "The Silicon Valley of India", prior to the launch of its online trust services in the US.

"Many U.S. companies open offices in India, but often only for outsourced backend and call center operations," commented Rakesh Antala, Co-Founder of iCrederity, "iCrederity is looking to involve authorities, experts and everyday citizens in India in the rollout of a full suite of trust services to serve the Indian people. Issues of trust are universal and are not limited by geographic or political boundaries."

While an initial pilot launch of online and offline services is planned for Bangalore, iCrederity also plans to expand to Chennai, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Noida (Delhi) and Pune by the end of the year, with a nationwide launch as the ultimate goal.

In addition to taking advantage of the opportunity to serve the second most populous country in the world, iCrederity is tapping into a vast network of technology experts located in Bangalore to parallel its U.S. development efforts. 35 percent of India's software exports come from Bangalore, which also has the second highest literacy rate of all metropolitan areas in India.

iCrederity also announced today that it has been researching opportunities for serving the Australian and European markets.