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Vendor Assessment – Vendor Screening

We can help you to make informed decisions about the people you are intend to do business with.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations overlook  to screen the potential vendors and extended team (contract hires) who have access to facilities information and staff. The risk of partnering with dishonest or criminally motivated organizations can result in fraud, shoddy work, and lost time and money. It could have serious ramifications for your company's public image and its financial stability.

Insist on iCrederity Verified

Be confident that your vendors are who they say they are, ask them to get verified by iCrederity. The iCrederity Trusted program offers quick and easy way to demonstrate and perform vendor assessment for trustworthiness, reducing transaction inefficiency. It is a web-based service designed to increase client satisfaction, drive business growth and convey the authenticity via easy-to-use web seals and cards that instantly verify identities and credentials.

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Key Components

In addition to screening vendors and business partners, iCrederity can also implement a screening program to verify employees who work alongside your personnel and clients. These standards could mirror those that exist for your current or prospective employees. Such an additional level of protection helps safeguard your personnel, facilities and data. Our services include:

  • Physical Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Check
  • Document Check
  • Reference Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Incident Check
  • Drug Use Verification Test
  • Media Background Search

With iCrederity Screening Services, you get:

Real-time access to all due-diligence reports. The power to order and manage checks via the Web (or pre-integrated solution) using ELMSuiteTM that helps you beyond pre-screening. We send an email notification any time a "Hit" is added to a report. Why wait until a report is complete if the report already contains disqualifying information? View in-progress reports and you may be able to make a hiring decision (not to hire) immediately and direct your attention to viable candidates. iCrederity emails notifications of report completion when reports are available for secure viewing online.

Quality verifications with industry-leading turnaround time. The second a complete verification request is entered in our online system, iCrederity's automated system routes orders to the appropriate departments. iCrederity features real-time report updates to provide unparalleled speed in our information delivery. All information passes through rigorous quality controls and processes that are subject to internal and external auditing.

International Presence. iCrederity ensures uniform processes and procedures across all regions.