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Background Verification – Reference Checks
Businesses suffer untold losses every year due to fraud and misrepresentation.

Our personnel screening and risk mitigation solutions help you avoid these and use background verification as a competitive advantage.

Employee Screening Solutions

Make sure you hire the right people. Whether you are a small, medium, or large corporation, iCrederity adds cost-saving, decision-making information earlier in the HR cycle than conventionally possible, allowing you to bypass unhirable candidates and to only fully review hirable candidates.  

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Mitigate risk—avoid bad hires before they hurt your reputation and budget
Free up resources so you can better evaluate hirable candidates only
Build candidate loyalty—your use of iCrederity's services actually helps good candidates advance their careers

Be confident that your employees are who they say they are, ask them to get verified by iCrederity.

Vendor Screening Solutions

Expert advice, professional services, and extra support can all be of great value, but make sure you hire the right people to help you and that reality actually matches up with those glowing testimonials.

Mitigate the financial and reputation risk of fraud
Shed light on who you're partnering with to make informed decisions
Build stronger and long-lasting business relationships

Be confident that your vendors are who and what they claim to be; ask them to get verified by iCrederity.

Customer Screening Solutions

End-to-end, iCrederity provides customer verification, customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence for new and existing customers. iCrederity puts all data in one place and through its advanced automation, creates operational efficiencies that have been shown to reduce customer check time by 40-60%.

Avoid Know Your Customer (KYC) norms violations
Convert your prospects into customers faster
Build stronger and long-lasting customer relationship

Be confident that your customers are who they say they are; ask them to get verified by iCrederity.

Marketing Solutions

If you run a people-powered company—a consulting, professional services, outsourcing, or HR screening firm in particular—you already know how important your people are to your success. The iCrederity Trusted program is a web-based service designed to increase client satisfaction, drive business growth, and ensure that your hard work in assembling the right group of people pays off.

Give potential clients peace of mind. Convey the authenticity of your people via easy-to-use web seals and cards that instantly verify identities and credentials.
Address potential personnel issues before they affect you. iCrederity alerts you to identity and credential inconsistencies so you can proactively address them, protecting your reputation and bottom line.
Differentiate your firm with trust

Make sure your firm is iCrederity Trusted today and stand out from your competition.

Web Community Solutions

Uncertainty is a barrier to interaction and transaction online. Uncertainty over the identity of other users and the authenticity of information on user profiles can negatively affect social networks, commerce sites, online marketplaces, dating services, and other places where people interact. iCrederity Web Services is a plug-and-play solution to this problem.

Foster a trusted community that conveys safety and increase user engagement and loyalty with iCrederity's web community solutions.

With iCrederity Screening Services, you get:

Real-time access to all due-diligence reports. The power to order and manage checks via the Web (or pre-integrated solution) using ELMSuiteTM that helps you beyond pre-screening. We send an email notification any time a "Hit" is added to a report. Why wait until a report is complete if the report already contains disqualifying information? View in-progress reports and you may be able to make a hiring decision (not to hire) immediately and direct your attention to viable candidates. iCrederity emails notification of report completion when reports are available for secure viewing online.

Quality verifications with industry-leading turnaround time. The second a complete verification request is entered in our online background verification system, iCrederity's automated system routes orders to the appropriate departments. iCrederity features real-time report updates to provide unparalleled speed in our information delivery. All information passes through rigorous quality controls and processes that are subject to internal and external auditing.

International Presence. iCrederity ensures uniform processes and procedures across all regions.