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Background Screening Services – Employee Screening Background Checks

If you're looking for the most efficient screening and verification solutions that can fit into your existing infrastructure, look no further.

Unique to the industry, iCrederity offers feature-rich & highly customizable Employee Life Cycle Management Solutions through its ELMSuiteTM platform. It is designed to add control and simplicity to your recruiting process from hiring to workforce management.

Background Check Software

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Full Life Cycle Management

Through the implementation of best practices and innovative solutions, we’ll help your organization deploy and manage a successful employee screening program that you can easily operate through one of our hosted solutions: ELMSelectTM, ELMProTM, RecruitProTM. Plug & play on demand features:

Pre-hire references
360o reviews/surveys
Incident reporting/tracking
Satisfaction surveys/Exit surveys

Key Features & Benefits

Web based, on demand access to due diligence reports and tracking
Features including Candidate Watch list(s), Rankings, Tagging, Commenting, and Sharing
Real-time status updates
Tools for Applicant—reduces TAT
Automated compliance tools
Ease of administration
Seamless integration—can be integrated to recruitment workflow
Secured and standardized data exchange
All checks conducted under the strict guidelines of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
Information remains confidential
24/7 access
Superior customer service

iCrederity TrustedTM

The iCrederity Trusted program is an easy-to-use online trust-building service that provides online identity, credential and certificate verification to people-powered companies, such as consulting, recruiting/HR, outsourcing and service firms. The program encompasses a system of iCrederity Trusted web seals, iCrederity cards and Trust Facts, which together help companies and individuals establish credibility online.

As a trusted third party verifier, iCrederity authenticates the identity of your personnel as well as checks their references, work experience, education, certifications and other credentials, and makes the fact that your people have been audited transparent and clear to your clients. iCrederity also verifies information about your business such as valid entity status, licenses and testimonials.

Give your clients peace of mind, protect your reputation and stand apart from your competition. To learn more, read the iCrederity Trusted FAQ.

iCrederity Web ServicesTM

Uncertainty is a barrier to interaction and transaction online. Uncertainty over the identity of other users and the authenticity of information on user profiles can negatively affect social networks, commerce sites, online marketplaces, dating services and other places where people interact. iCrederity Web Services is a plug-and-play solution to handle this problem that helps you promote trust within your web community by removing these uncertainties for your users.

Foster a trusted community that conveys safety and increase user engagement and loyalty with iCrederity's web community solutions.