Securing your organization with right people from employees to contractors to vendors, is a lot easier with the accurate, time saving & highly compliant solutions from iCrederity. Best of all it can be implemented for FREE.

By involving applicants and allowing them to purchase their own background check, you are providing them with a useful resource while reducing your costs without reducing risks.

How it works?

Add iCrederity’s plug-and-play seal to your website for easy & effective employee screening. iCrederity’s easy to use tools for applicants, reduces turn around time for verification. Get real-time web based, on demand access to due diligence reports and tracking

iCrederity provides a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and employment screening solutions specially designed and customized to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring processes.

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Why Companies Choose Us?
  •  Fastest Turnaround Time
  •  Data Accuracy
  •  Secured Web-based System
  •  Simplified integration with HRIS, ATS
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