Case Studies - Financial Services


With 600 locations throughout the world, a large financial institution found that a wired based approach for its pre and post employment screenings were not fetching good results as was expected and worse it was too costly. As the firm grew bigger, its local vendors were unable to keep up. The turn around time to the firm’s requests slowed to an unacceptable five-to-seven days which really hampered their business.

iCrederity Solution:

With iCrederity’s industry leading TAT of 3 days they were able to streamline their hiring process in a much better fashion. iCrederity’s web-based Background Check system not only made them faster but got them more comprehensive pre and post employment feeds.

How it helped:

With most responses coming back in lesser than 48 hours of the request. The cost went down by 2 folds and this company would hate to even remember the traditional ways to screen employees.