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What is the iCrederity Trusted program?

The iCrederity Trusted program is a web-based service designed to increase client satisfaction and drive business growth. iCrederity Trusted for businesses serves to provide transparency regarding the identity and legitimacy of businesses on online marketplaces and gives potential clients peace of mind. It conveys the authenticity of staff via easy-to-use web seals. In order to become an iCrederity Trusted member, the information provided by the business must be first verified and authenticated. Once the business is iCrederity verified, a clickable iCrederity Trusted Seal will appear alongside the listing of the business on the marketplaces & directories. Businesses can use the Seal wherever they do business and their marketing website. Upon clicking the Seal, visitor will able to see the verified details of the entity. Thus for a buyer, a business having iCrederity Trusted Seal will have more reasons to be trustworthy as compared to any other entity in negotiating a business transaction.

Why should our firm use the iCrederity Trusted program?

Improving customer satisfaction and attracting new clients are of paramount importance to business growth. The iCrederity Trusted program helps you accomplish both. With iCrederity, you can differentiate your firm with trust through entity and credential auditing of the firm as well as that of the employees. Positive verifications turn the engagement process for your clients from that of taking a leap of faith with firms of unknown credibility to making an informed decision based on verified information about your trusted team.

How does it benefit my organization?


  • Increased leads and sales
  • Higher trust level due to availability of verified critical business information
  • Reduce the risk of transaction failure by allowing customers to make informed choices
  • Distinct visibility all across the marketplace platform
  • Priority in listing in respective category
  • Display iCrederity Trusted Seal on your website and wherever you do business
  • iCrederity Trusted helps you conform to the Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility.

How can we let current and potential clients know that we are an iCrederity Trusted organization?

The iCrederity Trusted program makes it easy for you to promote your status as a trusted and credible organization. As an iCrederity Trusted organization, you can generate customized and easily navigable iCrederity Trusted Card that contain verified Trust Facts certifying the authenticity of the identity and credentials of your people. These can be shared on-the-fly with anyone via email, print, and the web. Furthermore, the iCrederity Trusted web seal may be placed on your web site and in your printed materials as an emblem of credibility. iCrederity Trusted puts a trusted, authenticated face to your people’s names when presenting them to clients, making them more real, tangible, and approachable.

How does iCrederity verify credentials?

As an accredited and leading provider of background checking services, iCrederity has developed a sophisticated system of database connections and processes to derive both qualitative and quantitative verification conclusions based on the information with which we are provided. For example, in many instances we have direct data links to universities and employers to enable real time education and experience verification. For reference verifications, we obtain information from references directly. Through these and other means, iCrederity is able to authenticate credential information. iCrederity respects individual privacy, complies with FCRA regulations and industry best practices such as those established by NAPBC and ASIS, and is authorized as a Designated Agent of the US Department of Homeland Security to assess employment eligibility.

What sort of credentials and information can iCrederity verify?

iCrederity Trusted places an emphasis on references, employment/work experience, education, and licenses and certifications, but because iCrederity is a full service pre- and post-employment screening provider, other credentials and information can be verified. These include: visa status, legal employment eligibility status, addresses, national security risk status (i.e. OFAC, Patriot Act check), criminal status (county, state, national), retail incidents, bankruptcies, liens, civil judgments, online reputation and feedback, and social network status.

How secure is the information, and how is privacy treated at iCrederity?

The safety and security of information is a top concern for iCrederity, and we take a number of measures to safeguard the information we process and present. Please review our security profile ( for more information. iCrederity believes that individual privacy is extremely important and has created a privacy policy ( and taken other measures to ensure that privacy concerns are addressed.

How much does iCrederity Trusted cost?

iCrederity Trusted is priced competitively, ensuring a cost effective solution for your company. iCrederity Trusted quickly pays for itself in the form of business growth because it solves both operational and marketing problems. To subscribe for the iCrederity Trusted Program, organizations will need to make a payment of INR 7500 as yearly verification fee.

How do I know if iCrederity Trusted is the right service for our company?

iCrederity Trusted is for people-powered companies—those firms whose people are the powerhouse and face of the firm.

Below are some examples of companies who stand benefit:
Consulting firms. During your sales cycle, clients will wonder who will be working with them and how qualified they are, causing uncertainty and doubt that shouldn’t exist. The more transparent you are, and the less abstract you can make your team, the more likely you are to close the deal.

Recruiting and staff augmentation firms. With over 50% of resumes containing false information, employers are wary of judging by appearances alone. iCrederity helps you convey the authenticity and employability of your candidates. When red flags are discovered, you are alerted first so you can work with your candidates to address discrepancies before they hurt your reputation and business.

Education, childcare, and healthcare service companies. You depend on people to entrust their children, their loved ones, or themselves to your employees. Make that process easier for potential customers and clients, and you will be rewarded with more inquiries and clients.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

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