Jack Carlson is iCrederity Verified 06-Sep-2009
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Verified Jack Carlson
4539 34th St., San Diego, CA, United States
My Work Experience
Manager, Cartridge World, Jun 2004 - (Present)
Store manager, Sam Goody, May 1995 - Mar 2003 (8 years)
Freight crew lead, Albertsons, Mar 1983 - May 1995 (12 years)
Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Army Security Agency, Jan 1975 - Dec 1979 (4 years), [Non-communications cryptographic analysis]
My Education
San Diego City College, Associates Telecommunications, Jan 1981 - Feb 1983
My References
Chris Pirillo, Owner, Lockergnome, Colleague
Dennis McGrath, Owner, Cartridge World, Bussiness partner
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