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Patrick Annoni - Co-Executive Producer/Co-Engineer/Co-Mixer
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 Patrick Annoni - Co-Executive Producer/Co-Engineer/Co-Mixer
Patrick Annoni 
whiteout: Promoter, Engineer, MC
Patrick Annoni's Experience

Co-Executive Producer/Co-Engineer/Co-Mixer
'Sinister Presents...ASPHYXIA', Sacramento, CA, USA
[Album ft. DZK, Rich Quick, whiteout, 5:AM, Phathom, GRIME, Em-Jey & J. Derty. Produced by Sinister.]

Nov 2006 - Nov 2008 (2.1 years)
Patrick Annoni's Education

Audio Recording Technology Institute, Orlando, FL, USA
Certificate Audio Engineering
[Graduated and Certified after 11-month course.]

Aug 2005

DePaul University, Chicago, IL, USA
NA General
[Attended one school year and dropped out.]

Jun 2003
Patrick Annoni's Certifications

Certified Audio Engineer, Orlando, FL, USA
Audio Recording Technology Institute
[certified by ARTI in May 05 after 11 month program. analog. digital. Pro Tools. SSL. THX theatre.]

May 2005 - Never Expires
Patrick Annoni's References

Brendan Quinn, Music Producer
New World Order Muzik, USA

Relatioship: Bussiness partner

Charles Quirk, Student
Gateway Regional High School, USA

Relatioship: Bussiness partner

Rich Quick, Recording Artist
Exponent Entertainment, USA

Relatioship: Bussiness partner
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