Background checks: its many boons!

by Crederity Team on March 24, 2010

A dwindling economy, clubbed with an inverse relationship between the job openings and job seekers, has made the job search scenario quite competitive. In the race to grab the few options open to them, seekers tend to pose themselves as what they really are not and what they never might become, either.

The exaggeration in the resume might vary from a small adjustment in the marks, to an experience they never had, to a designation in a company that never existed! Sometimes they might not lie; instead, might just hide a few details of their professional past. These little things will matter—and matter in the biggest way to companies who hire them!

Hiring an employee involves a lot of investment to the employer—from facilitating the recruitment and training, to the initial learning curve period. Such huge investments on the wrong candidate will reflect very badly on the company. The money and efforts invested turns out to be futile and the company’s reputation is also affected.

A global workforce makes it all the more important to focus more into your manpower. It is ultimately the main strength of the company and flaws would affect the company negatively. The growing instances of cab-drivers crimes and the involvement of some IT people in scandalous crimes have given shocks to the world. A decade ago, reputed companies were trusted blindly, but with their lack of proper employee screening, stand-alone incidents have led them to loss of public trust.

It is best to insulate your business from potential liability through proper pre-employement screening of potential candidates. It is most likely that applications may consist of fabrications. Only a thorough check will bring out the exaggerated resumes and the discrepancies involved.

Again, don’t stop at just verifying the current job/designation status of a candidate. Go in deeper; do a thorough check on: criminal background, references (the referee should be a valid person!), testimonials from collegues / teachers / clients, etc. A proper background screening, will help you hire the right candidate. Once this is done, you can be assured that the qualifications and achievements claimed in the résumé are not manipulated. This ensures that the person coming for the post is aptly qualified for it.

Do the following to avoid a bad hire…

Avoid Turnover: It will also help to avoid turnover rates in companies. One of the main financial problem faced by the companies today are increase in turnover. Proper employee check will let you know if the employee is a constant job-hopper or has misappropriated data in any manner which will lead to his/her termination in the near future.
Crime check: A detailed check into the employees past will help to avoid problems like theft and other malpractices within the office. There are various instances where the company has lost its reputation because of its employees’ involvement in crime. Such situations can be avoided.
Employee Morale: A proper employee check will boost the employer’s morale, as he can be confident of his own workforce. And it is equally assuring for the employees as it would assure them of a safe work place with trustworthy peers.
Productivity: Hiring the wrong candidate involves a lot of loss, including the productivity disruption that occurs during the person’s training, to his learning stage and again during his replacement. A perfect candidate would help a company avoid all such problems.

Hence a proper scrutiny is always a better option than blindly believing your prospective employee’s cooked up résumé. Falsifications, no matter how minor they seem to be, will always prove to be disastrous later. It is better to be equipped with a stronger work pool, of whom you can be confident.

How we can help

At Crederity, we verify information regarding identities, background check, pre-employment screening, education and employment verification, online checks, legalities, criminal checks, references, experiences, employment status… We also gather information from references directly and authenticate even them! If you are hiring through a recruitment agency, we will verify them as well!

If it’s a resume that has the Credulity Seal, you can trust it with your eyes closed! And if the resume lacks one, we can verify and seal it for you!

Invest in Crederity. Invest in trust!

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