Imagine life, when everything had to be done manually! Right from designing an automobile to making a bag; how tedious and cumbersome would the process have been without any assistance? Today, automation has completely changed the world we live in. Everything that we come across today is automated. So be it manufacturing, healthcare, retail, Information Technology or education, every industry is riding high on automation.
Education Verification: The Need
When it comes to organizations hiring the right candidates, a complete education background verification is important. Colleges/universities are often caught in the web of verification of their students – amidst a burgeoning amount of requests from employers. More than anything else, education verification is a crucial aspect in background check. It is imperative that candidates with authentic and valid education degrees are only hired.
Given the rise in forgery and cheating cases related to education, a solid education verification of a candidate is need of the hour. Grappling with many vices that have smothered the smooth functioning of the institutional and educational machineries, it’s time to put in place a rock solid system.

Current Scenario
Colleges/universities witness a huge crowd of potential candidates. Problems arise when it comes to validating education certificates in a very short span of time. Often this opens a window for error in judgment, which can later prove to be fatal; for candidates with forged certificates can be a big blow to the reputation of the institution.
Today, by automating the education verification process, things have been rendered easy.
The Automation
The margin of error in a manual verification is always high. The age old method of verifying every detail including marks, university stamps, signatures can be a cumbersome and a tedious process; let alone the fact that immense time would be taken up doing this. Today, through an automated education verification process, the risks have been minimized and greater benefits added.
Here are some of the benefits of automated education verification:
Preventing revenue leakage from colleges: An automated process would definitely prevent any untoward revenue loss from colleges/universities as the verification process is based on a secured and sound platform. This also helps in creating an authentic revenue stream.

Prevent fraud: The biggest threat to colleges and organizations is candidates with forged degrees. Illegally procured grades/degrees have become an easy way for underserving candidates to bag a seat at a good university or a good job. With automated education verification, this risk can be completely mitigated.

Protect brand name of the institution: A timely verification can ensure fraudulent candidates are not admitted and save the brand name of the institute.

Create a database of alumni: Automated verification enables institutes to create a database of verified alumni, which can be of great use in the future and also avoid unnecessary duplication of work.
To get an edge over competition and survive, organizations and educational institutes have come to value the importance of education verification. iCredify, a growing education verification company, has come up with an entire gamut of verification services to help prevent forgery in the education system. By helping companies with verified employees and institutes with meritorious candidates, iCredify brings value added services like, automated placement services, internship launchpad, alumni tracker modules amongst others.
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Bengaluru, Jul 18, 2014: Just over a week after the rape of a first grader which happened at an upmarket international school, enraged parents in the city of Bengaluru stormed into its premises to protest against the school’s management which outrageously declared that they will not be held responsible for the safety of their children on the school premises.

On July 2, 2014, a six-year-old had been sexually molested by two gym instructors during school hours and on the premises of the school itself. Promises of installing CCTV cameras by the school’s chairman has done nothing to calm the distresed parents. While the requirement for background checks had so far been witnessed in financial and official cases, the need for verifying who we trust our kin with, has never been higher.

iCrederity, a background verification company based out of Bengaluru has stepped in to volunteer to offer their verification services to the parents of school going children as well as their schools as a not-for-profit initiative from their end in trying to do their bit in giving back to the community.

Addressing the henious crime that happened within the school’s premises, Mr. Madhu Pinapaty, the Global Head of iCrederity said, “With a nine-year-old daughter studying in school, incidents like these don’t cease to horrify me”. Mr. Pinapaty states that he is aware of the fact that background checks might not prevent such heinous crimes but it could give parents like him a sense of calm if their kids are left with people who are professionally verified. “For the first time I could see that my company could contribute to alleviate a burning concern with the parent community and I have already offered our background verification services with separate focus on multiple databases of habitual sexual offenders, for my daughter’s school, the Harvest International” shares Mr. Pinapaty. He also appeals to the Bangalore Police Commissioner, and is optimistic that the authorities shall deem this activity as mandatory for every school for the safety of every child.

Mr. Ram Prasad, Chairman of Harvest International School, has thoroughly considered the need to conduct backgroud verifications of the school’s staff. “This is a great gesture from iCrederity to conduct the verfication services on our behalf and we hope this makes our students’ parents feel better about the institution’s safety measures.” mentions Mr. Prasad.

About iCrederity
iCrederity is a leading provider of employee screening and background verification services to prevent identity and credential fraud through an online verification and certification program, enabling individuals and businesses of integrity to stand apart while safeguarding them against fraud. iCrederity provides a comprehensive suite of essential HR services through its Employee Lifecycle Management platform. For more information, log on to or email to or call 080-30889345.

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